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Treasure Coast Dive Charters is a family owned and operated USCG 6-pack charter business that offers scuba diving trips in South Beach Fort Pierce, Florida. That means we only take a maximum of 6 customers, so we provide individual attention with a more private trip feel, unlike the "Big Boats". We run daily charters on our 26' Sea Cat SL5, powered by bulletproof twin Yamaha outboards. We carry all USCG required safety equipment, and tow services for any unexpected circumstances.

Scuba Diving

Our experienced divers take you on beautiful, exciting tours at a variety of locations around  Florida's Treasure Coast. Come explore the coral reefs, along with the area's natural wildlife. Equipment rental is available.

Day Trips

Treasure Coast Dive Charters has a variety of scuba diving day trips available. The sites, beauty, and wildlife are fantastic. We offer dive sites for all levels of divers and to suit all tastes from shallow water reef dives, wreck dives, artificial reef dives, and many more.


Our knowledgeable Captain and crew have first hand experience with putting you on the fish and bugs.

Florida's Treasure Coast, an area of reef and beaches off Sebastian and Fort  pierce, was so named for the shipwrecks that were caused by what is called the 1715 Plate Fleet disaster, one of the most colorful sagas in Florida's coastal history

In 1715, the Terra Firma Fleet along with the New Spain Flota,( both loaded with silver, gold, and emeralds from Peru and Colombia) were passing through the Florida Straits, when they were caught off guard by a hurricane. The ships were all thrown back by the winds, pushed into the reefs and beaches of what is now called the Treasure Coast

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about the captain

Captain Steve-O has lived in the Space Coast/Treasure Coast area all his life. He grew up in and around the water. Since he was 5 he would go clamming and fishing with his father in the Indian River. In his teens and early 20's, he spent a lot of time snorkeling and free diving the shallow reefs off of the treasure coast. As life went on and in between working and raising a family of 5 children, Steve was once again drawn back to the water. He started buying small boats and taking his friends and family out on diving trips. eventually the boats were not big enough and he was spending more time on the water than on land. he eventually went on to becoming a USCG Captain were he currently does what he loves to do most!